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ICF – Insulated Concrete Formwork

Insulated Concrete Formwork is an advanced Modern Method of Construction.

kore_icf_wall_thumbInsulated Concrete Formwork uses expanded polystyrene panels to form multi-storey wall structures, of various widths, for use in all sectors of the construction industry; residential, commercial, industrial and institutional.

Once the panels are laid they form a rectangular space into which concrete is poured. The concrete ensures the structural strength of the wall while the KORE panels remain permanently in place as thermal insulation for the life of the building.

Typical applications include footings, retaining walls, basements, external walls, internal walls, load bearing walls.

Component Design
The Unique flexibility of the KORE system components enables architects and designers to embrace modern and traditional styles of buildings without restrictions.

Time Saving
The KORE system is quick and straightforward to use. A builder will experience significant time saving on site once the product is installed by trained installers.

Cost Competitive
The design features built into the KORE System facilitate the production of cost competitive buildings.

Immediate follow-on trades
The placement of services and fi nishes within the building is easily achieved giving rapid fi xing of plumbing and electrical services. Plasterboard and exterior
finishes are fixed to the KORE Inserts by screws, all screw points lie under the KORE Logo.

Flawless Finish
Building with the KORE System will not mean compromising on either the internal or external fi nish. With the KORE System both can be flawlessly finished to any design specification.


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